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My Avatar – How and Why

If you haven’t seen it yet I have an avatar of a kid wearing a red T-shirt with a lightning bolt on it. He is also smiling and he has spiked up hair. I made this avatar though a website called build your wild self. On this website there are options for the color of your eyes, how your hair looks, whats on your shirt, etc. There are also options to give you a crazy tail, strange ears, weird horns, etc. I didn’t use any of the abnormal options so that I could make my avatar as normal as possible. I love the super hero “The Flash” so I made my avatar’s shirt have the lightning bolt symbol. In the morning I put my hair up almost exactly the same way that my avatar has it. That is why I picked that I picked that hair. Now you know how and why I made this avatar.

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  1. cole train
    Posted October 16, 2017 at 1:35 pm | #

    GREAT JOB!!! But why is your avatar smiling, are you happy all the time? Comment Challenge

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