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Safe and Secure 20%

I am doing this project called the 20% project were you spend 20% of your time each week on something you think is important in the world. For my project I partnered up with two friends named Yuki and Brandon. We are making a website on safety on the internet, in real life, and just being safe in general. We will also be making some videos on safety.

One major accomplishment is finally getting our website set up.  The website creator we are using is called Weebly. Over the past three weeks we have been trying to figure out how to have all three of us be able to edit the site but today we figured it out. This is such an important accomplishment because if we didn’t get the website set up soon I think we would have had to scrap our idea and start over. Thankfully after a few good google searches we learned how to share the website with each other and saved the project.

We have a few goals for this month. One is getting our first website post. Something we can do to help meet this goal is to type the post one week and proof read it the next week. Once we do this we will post it that week. Another goal is to get our first video finished. We can help meet this goal by planing the video one week and doing it the next.

Weebly, Building a website has never been easier sienda weblines via Compfight

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