Commenting 101

To create a comment you will need to click a button titled “Leave a comment”. Once you click this button you will need to click on the box under the word “Comment” and type your comment. Once you are finished you will need to press the button post comment. This button is right under the box that you typed your comment into. After you do that your comment will be posted to that blog.


 How to Leave a Good Comment

When leaving a good comment there are some rules that you will need to follow. Here are some of them –

  1. You don’t want to leave dead end comments. A dead end comment is a comment that won’t keep the conversation going. This would be like saying “I like your blog.” It had nothing in specific talking about why you liked their blog.Dead End - midCreative Commons License Benny Lin via Compfight
  2. Leave highway comments to keep the conversation going. this could help make the other person get to know you better.Fog bank - Alaska JLS Photography – Alaska via Compfight
  3. Use constructive criticism. This means you will be pointing out mistakes but at the same time not being mean about it.
  4.  You shouldn’t abbreviate words when posting a comment. You have to remember that your comment will be public and many people will see it.
  5. Never exaggerating punctuation is very important. You should only use one or two punctuation marks.
  6. You always need to have good grammar when commenting. This is just a good habit to follow.

Those are some rules you should always follow when commenting.

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